Telugu TV Anchor Blue Film Over Internet

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Not sure if it is the urge to get money and attention or the result of a poor decision, more news about pretty girls getting into sexual acts and getting that on cam has been coming up. This time, it is the turn of a Telugu anchor and this was leaked by a man who is an avid porn watcher.

Apparently, this man who was watching various xxx sites got to click many links and one among them popped up to show this film which had the anchor. Incidentally, the anchor is slowly getting into movies now. In no time, he gathered his friends and wanted to ensure that it is indeed her. This was happened couple of days ago in a Krishna Nagar film office.

Casting couch is said to be an open secret in the film circuit but it is about time the girls have to get careful. They must realize that working in such movies is satisfying someone’s sadism and there is not even money in that. Even an abuse report will not work under this situation and it only leads to a bad reputation. Watch out girls!!!

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